Brazilian Cubensis Magic Mushrooms

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Brazilian Cubensis  grow quickly and are brown and yellow, with large fruit bodies. Magic Mushrooms contain psilocybin and psilocin,
which both create psychedelic experiences when ingested. They can be chewed and swallowed, or steeped in tea.
Used in religious rituals for thousands of years, they create spiritual experiences, a heightened sense of colour, and euphoria. When you consume these little fungi it will give you a feeling of enlightenment and they will help you connect to nature. Enjoy!


6 reviews for Brazilian Cubensis Magic Mushrooms

  1. Alice R. James

    I’d say excellent Mushroom, which matches with the sensation I’ve never experienced. Perfect!

  2. Deborah N. Willhite

    I took 2 grams of these on new year night and they hit me like crazy and I was laughing my ass off. This feeling encouraged me for ordering more.

  3. Amanda R. Osgood

    Way cool, some valid points! I appreciate you making this article available, the rest of the site is also high quality. Have a fun.

  4. Eric J.Walker

    Best strain in terms of potency and euphoria. I remember on one trip when I used about 4 grams of this magic mushroom, for a few minutes I felt the most immense euphoria I had ever experienced, so intense that I will never forget this experience. Highly recommended if you like to take yourself to another level 😉

  5. Rick E. Davis

    I toke 2 caps thinking I’d just have a giggly ol time… I ended up having to call my dad and the paramedics. I am now known as mushroom man in my towns hospital. All in all exactly what they advertised…. WHICKED SHROOMS best I’ve ever done… and also the last I will ever do.

  6. Rodolfo J. Payne

    Had such an amazing trip, I was one with nature and wow just wow, the euphoria and happy good vibes!

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