Costa Rican Magic Mushrooms

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The Costa Rican magic mushroom is known to give a warm visual and spiritual experience, especially in nature. In the psychonaut community, it is renowned for producing warm energy, light visual hallucination, and feelings of love and deep social connection. It is a great for beginners and experienced users and is consistently well reviewed as a versatile stain that is great for all situations and occasions. Effects: Euphoria, Hallucinations, Happiness and Extreme Laughter.



10 reviews for Costa Rican Magic Mushrooms

  1. Amanda Thompson

    I love these mushrooms. The very best all around trip and nothing for the weak hearted. Great great and ?

  2. Janice J. Mellor

    This is actually what I need. I mill these into powder in a Nutribullet and then put the powder into the soup. I utilize a large portion of an ounce daily, which compares to two ounces hydrated. I take these consistently for their medical advantage.

  3. Walter B. Brady

    Just had a couple of grams of that a few hours ago and I’m still tripping man. It hits hard, but it also has a soft mellow feel to it. Great shroom.

  4. Karen S.Miller

    Shipping: Crazy fast! Customer Service: Sublime. Actual Product: 10 out of 10!

  5. Veronica C. Glover

    Awsome experience over all. I use mostly to microdose. And feels amazing ! Great prices and quality. Customer service is on point. Will order again !

  6. Amanda C.Anderson

    These mushrooms arrived really quickly and when they came they were beautiful. Gave me such a phenomenal trip with crazy visuals. I don’t know why I hadn’t tried them sooner but I will be ordering again very soon definitely.

  7. Daniel F Rosa

    very fun if you want to laugh a lot!

  8. Maria S.Talarico

    It was well worth the money and work I put into it! This is a fantastic thing for my thrilling time!

  9. Karen R. McComb

    Holy shit!!! I had an amazing experience, this was my second time trying mungus, I tried 2 grams both times, they were both very pleasant experiences.

  10. Eugene C. Machuca

    Fucking amazing!! I basically got a steady stream of epiphanies for the come-up and the first wave. Lots of fun, fantastic visuals! Keep up the great work

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