Ecuadorian Magic Mushroom

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5 reviews for Ecuadorian Magic Mushroom

  1. Lisa A. Kemmer

    This were very fun! Smooth in and out trip,

  2. Ryan I. Nye

    I ordered a few grams of these shrooms to help with my anxiety problems. The whole ordering and delivery process was very smooth and the product itself was great and very effective. I felt much calmer and confident after I took it and I am very happy with the product.

  3. Michael M. Ingalls

    My main shroom vendor stopped selling and I had to look for a new way to get my mushrooms. That was how I found mungus and I have had a couple of their shrooms but I have to say the Transkei is up there as one of my favorites.

  4. Marian I. Gulick

    Wonderfully unique mushrooms that truly bring out the flavor. It comes highly recommended by me.

  5. Douglas B. Butler

    The absolute best trip I have ever had! 2 grams sent me and my bf somewhere else for a good 6 hours. I can’t explain you how much we laugh, it was sick. I certainly recommend this type of mushrooms

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