Great White Monster Mushroom

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6 reviews for Great White Monster Mushroom

  1. Viola E. Guerra

    This shit right here is the bomb! Magic Mushroom is a must buy if you want a huge party right in your brain.

  2. Ronald P. Nock

    This shroom helped me much more than I ever thought it would. I enjoyed it a lot and it worked perfectly for me

  3. Violet G. Black

    This is wonderful stuff for my spiritual journeys because I am a beginner… It gave me a lovely picture of nature. It is well-known for eliciting feelings of affection and deep social bonds, as well as warmth, vigor, and a vivid visual illusion.

  4. Cathy J. McClure

    Absolutely unreal! The audios were just as great. I have never had visuals quite like this. I got lost in my mirror watching my pupils change sizes and go square. Highly recommendation for these magic mushroom!!

  5. Michael C. Moore

    Mind blowing! Very visually stimulating. I’m guaranteed to feel and see within 30-40minutes. Sometimes effects hit as soon as 20 minutes after consumption. Nice euphoric high, energetic and loved being outside it rained so it was a beautiful day connecting with nature. Taste good too😋

  6. Helen L. Hutzler

    Amazing visuals

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