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12 reviews for Hillbilly Magic Mushrooms

  1. Jennifer K. McKechnie

    Hi guys! I received my order today and just wanted to say your mushrooms look amazing, and I can’t wait to try them. Very beautiful. Nicely grown and dried, I will give you further feedback after I use them. Thanks a bunch!!

  2. Paul P. Varela

    fun trip

  3. Karen T.Summers

    I took around 2 grams and it was one hell of a ride! Saw trippy visuals that seemed to be breathing when my eyes were closed. Buildings were wobbling and trees were swaying to and fro to grab my attention when my eyes were open. The moon looked like cheese and life seemed more playful and full of potential.

  4. Perry S.Kempf

    oh what a creation! This shroom right here cured my anxiety a hundred percent, I’ve never been so happy man it’s crazy.

  5. David S.Graves

    This is my first time ordering on here and I will definitely be back to order again cause my experience was just so amazing. The shrooms were a perfect colour and they looked great. The weight was perfect as well and I had a lot of fun after taking these.

  6. Joyce R. Adams

    After taking these, it felt like I had a party in my mouth and in my head too. Had a beautiful trip and enjoyed every second of it

  7. Betty W.Volk

    Phenomenal trip had a wonderful experience

  8. Cindy W. Rawlings

    Tripped the light fantastic

  9. Marcus D. Bensen

    looks great, but haven’t tried them yet

  10. Anne E. Aviles

    Just wow! these were intense hard-hitting mushrooms. 3 grams and you are going to have a good ride full of visuals and lots of laughs.

  11. Emmett L. Beach

    Wow, smiling is so much easier for me now. I feel like I haven’t been this happy since I was a child, this shroom just got rid of all my problems. Oh I’m so happy right now, I don’t even understand. I’ve had my issues with depression so for me to be this happy after taking the shrooms is really something

  12. Lesley R. Shumpert

    Truly pleasant stuff! It gave me solid visuals at 3.5grams, tried it with a bunch of new friends and it was a particularly astonishing encounter haha. The high is stunning and clean.

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