Trans Envy Magic Mushrooms

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4 reviews for Trans Envy Magic Mushrooms

  1. George L. Tatro

    Extremely potent! Take caution with dosage amount. However, lots of fantastic visuals to be had once it’s figured out!

  2. Michael C. Samuels

    Enjoyed the visuals and relaxing trip.

  3. Patrick K. Gore

    Amazing experience!
    First time riding Tidal Wave .
    Beautiful colors..waves of sound
    Faces turned to dust in front of my eyes..
    High doses threw me well down the rabbit hole.
    All smiles trip!

  4. Benjamin F.Way

    I took 4 grams and a fruit punch hit me like a train!!
    Colors, introspection and mood enhancement!
    Pure bliss, now my new favorites!
    You will not be disappointed!!

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